5 good work habits we’ve picked up post-pandemic

As well as wreaking its fair share of havoc, the pandemic has also brought about some positive changes in our lives. While we’re all aware of the increased flexibility the past few years has brought us, here’s another 5 good work habits we’ve picked up over this time:

  1. Increased acceptance of colleagues working different timetables than us.
  2. More exec-level role-modelling of positive behaviours, such as prioritising family 🧒🏽
  3. Mental wellbeing: we’re seeing more initiatives to support wellbeing, and even the traditionally resistant are now focusing on this important issue.
  4. Better awareness of how we, as individuals, work best.
  5. Exercising or getting out in nature during the work day 🌳

We’re happy some things are behind us as we slowly start getting back to the new-normal, while also making an effort to ensure our good work habits stick.

Photo by Kitera Dent