Your people matter. Communication and transparency is so important in our daily work, we support your business and people with everything to do with culture.


 Equip your leaders with the tools to get the most out of their people through coaching and development. Putting meaning to this increases employee’s sense of purpose and fulfilment in their work and life which means better productivity for you. 


Gain an in-depth insight into employee experience direct from the source: your team. Through a series of interviews with either the whole team or a selection, we gain a 360 view of your businesses culture and perception of employee experience. We provide a comprehensive report for you as an outcome, highlighting your employee value proposition, practical recommendations and advice on areas for improvement and opportunity to future proof your business.

Our Health Check can be tailored to target key areas of concern or act as a general review. We provide an impartial and professional overview of your organisation’s HR and culture and how to elevate it.


Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a core part of our service and find that this is required in all the businesses we work with support to differing degrees. We help managers to develop their skills as leaders and get the most out of their people. This is done through one on one coaching or group sessions. It helps leaders to support high performers and manage low performers while building their confidence in their own leadership ability.

Strategic Guidance

Provide strategic coaching and development for executives across all industries and act as a confidential advisor. We provide line of sight to the CEO and the Board as required on material people matters.


Investing in your people and providing career paths is critical to the success of your business. We guide you through managing your talent to ensure you are retaining your core workforce and giving them opportunities for succession. We facilitate sessions with leaders to map out talent and key person risk and equip your leaders with action plans to ensuring they are supporting their people for the future.


Keeping a finger on the pulse with staff engagement is critical to building a great culture and ensuring your people genuinely feel valued and respected. We can help you increase staff engagement, morale and overall employee experience by working with you to understand what your people are saying and what actions can be done to make improvements where they are most needed.

Learning and Development

Improve performance by identifying skills gaps and aligning individual goals with the organisation’s vision and strategy. Our services include training  and facilitation, workshops, professional development resources, and coaching for individuals and teams.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embrace diversity and create an inclusive workplace culture to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business. We provide advice and services to assess your current culture, and how to foster an inclusive environment.


We work with a network of specialist consultants across the broader HR remit that we tap into for specialised pieces of work as well such as: Employment Lawyers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Health & Safety, Sustainability, Recruitment, and Diversity & Inclusion. This means that we are constantly keeping up to date with not only HR but key changes and trends across the market locally and globally so that you are getting a full-service offering.


  • General HR Advice
  • Performance Management
  • Dispute Resolution & Employment Relations
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring & Organisational Design
  • Management Toolkits
  • Leadership & Executive Development
  • Remuneration & Benefits
  • Talent Management
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Recruitment
  • Outplacement & Career Transitioning
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  • Strategy
  • Diversity & Inclusion


We’ll support you along the way. The People Project is committed to helping you drive positive outcomes, empower your people and  realise your competitive advantage.