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Blending the best of corporate HR with the agility of SME's​

Representing a new era of HR. We bring fresh thinking and a modern approach, it’s what sets us apart and why our clients love us.

We provide outsourced HR consulting to New Zealand businesses.

Our team provides virtual HR and in person support to meet your needs.


As your internal HR partner  we act as an extension of your business to support you with the full employee lifecycle.

We act to resolve issues quickly and fairly for all parties, whether it be  performance related, conflict resolution, mediation, disputes, or change management and restructuring.

Change can be hard, let us help you. We offer businesses support through restructures, redundancies, strategy and culture transformation.

Despite your best efforts, you may still be confronted with someone raising a personal grievance with your business. We act to resolve issues like this quickly and fairly.

Your people matter. Communication, transparency and trust is so important in our daily work, we support your business and people with everything to do with culture.

Ensure you are complying with current employment legislation and HR best practice. We deliver smart outcomes that are fit for purpose when it comes to infrastructure and compliance.

Your People Matter


Ensure you are doing the right thing by your people. 

Wholehearted leadership and authenticity is what drives and empowers a high performing team. 

Our purpose is to help your business understand your people better and unlock their potential.

We add value by truly understanding your voice, and we mould to your unique culture. Building long-term relationships is how we like to operate. Forming strategic partnerships creates meaning for us and the businesses we partner with.


Our work spans many industries and business types, so we have insight into current trends across the market and experience of what works and what doesn’t.

We leverage our network of specialists to add further value – offering a breadth of knowledge and expertise across employment law, change management, strategy, leadership, talent and recruitment.

As a SME ourselves we understand the challenges growing businesses face. We give advice that is suitable for the size, scale and type of business you run. 

Straight-talking, simple and commercial advice


Our outsourced HR service, centres around day to day advice and guidance for all staff. Support is available to suit you, this might be a regular onsite presence or ad-hoc, it is designed to flex up or down as needed. Providing both regular visits and on-call remote support and advice, our service covers:

  • People strategy with leadership teams
  • Development of HR process and infrastructure
  • Employment relations and dispute management support
  • Employee support
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Recruitment support
  • Remuneration and benefits guidance
  • Driving positive behaviours and employee wellbeing
  • Team workshops
  • Internal communication


 We are dedicated to supporting our clients to elevate what success means to them across their businesses. 

Better never stops when it comes to people. We know this because we work with people challenges all day everyday. Our team of consultants are experts because they are continually learning and evolving, making our fresh, modern approach the reason clients choose us. 

Enabling businesses to grow and succeed by supporting them with their people strategies is what we live for!


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