Are you feeling that mid-winter slump?

It’s typical at this time of year to be feeling a bit out of sorts. The holidays feel like a distant dream and weather is… being weather.

It’s about now we start to see a lot of mid-winter wellbeing tips appearing on our feeds or hitting us via email. Taking microbreaks, being fit and active, eating well – they are all great things to be doing to boost your wellbeing. But is there a point where they become tokenistic?

As a manager, are you noticing when your staff need time out? How do you identify on a day-to-day basis if one of your people isn’t ok?

It’s actually quite simple. It comes down to having a solid foundation of psychological safety. This is when team members feel safe to be their whole selves and show vulnerability. As a manager, your role in creating an environment of trust is important.

Not being afraid to have a meaningful conversation is how to take action. If you’re noticing that someone isn’t themselves, ask the question and be ready to listen to the answer. Creating a safe space for a staff member to raise how they are feeling is the first step to helping them.

Be vulnerable. Show empathy. Validate how they’re feeling.

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