Meet Our Team! Shayna McCarthny

Meet our team, round 3! Today we’re spotlighting our fabulous Shayna McCarthny.

Shayna joined The People Project in 2021. She recently returned from parental leave and is now mum to her two boys, Harvey and Oliver. Shayna loves setting herself a new goal, pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and trying new things. Exercise is important to her as she tries to find the balance in returning to work and being a mum.

The thing Shayna enjoys the most about working at TPP is that she gets to work with people who are knowledgeable, inspiring and fun… Thanks Shayna 😉

In Shayna’s words “HR isn’t just about disciplinaries and telling people off, it’s about partnering with businesses to empower their people to deliver excellent results”.

Shayna feels her purpose in HR is to help people feel heard and supported. 🤝
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