Podcast lover? Listen to our interview on HR Advice for Employers, focusing on our most asked about topic right now: Restructures and Change Management during COVID-19.

We teamed up with Money Empire on their podcast, Beyond the Field, to discuss advice for employers handling some tricky HR issues during COVID-19.

We have been looking for a podcast on Kiwi HR, and decided why not make our own? Who better to host us than the knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly cool Kayne Wahlstrom!

We recommend Money Empire for their expert financial advice. Whether you’ve found your dream house and need to secure a mortgage, or you’ve got a financial goal so big that you need help figuring out how to get there, check out the Money Empire website: www.moneyempire.co.nz

Thanks for the opportunity Money Empire, we thoroughly enjoyed our first podcast recording and chat with Kayne.

Listen now! Available on Apple | Spotify | 

Web APPLE: https://apple.co/38cDXgV 

SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/38cbO9V 

WEB: https://moneyempire.co.nz/podcast/

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